Rareblocks is shutting down.

Made by Developers, for Developers

We’re on a mission to create the biggest Tailwind component library

Rareblocks is building a decentralized marketplace for digital goods. It is an ecosystem that connects creators, consumers and investors with the goal of building the largest component library in Tailwind.

How it works

A community-driven component library and soon to be marketplace for Tailwind CSS.


Pool together NFT sales and subscription profits.


Hire amazing designers to create components.


Create the biggest Tailwind CSS component library.

NFT Holders
Mint a pass

Earn % of profit while staking their NFT.

Earn % of profit by creating content.

Earn % of profit to reinvest in development.


We're committed to building a one-stop shop for the creative industry.


Create atleast 1000 components to fill up the initial library.


Enable purchasing of subscriptions to payout NFT holders and DAO.


Build marketplace for creators to sell their components, kits and templates.


Expand vertically and add all kinds of digital content, like logos, icons etc.


Whatever the DAO decided to work on further.

🔥 Acquire a Founder Pass NFT

Only 250 of these exclusive Founder Passes exist and give you lifetime access and tons of benefits.

Lifetime Access

Get full access forever

Voting Rights

Vote on future updates


Sell your NFT on OpenSea

Earn rental fees

Rent out your pass for $ETH

Awesome community

Join a community of builders

Share Information

Easily share your message

Sold out!

NFTs are only available to purchase on secondary market.

Ready to get started?

Create custom websites with Rareblocks that converts more visitors than any website. With lots of unique blocks, you can easily build a page.

Unlimited access

Get unlimited access to current and all future components.

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